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Rich History

Descendants of Timothy Rich

Generation No. 1
1. TIMOTHY1 RICH1 was born 1690 in Goochland, VA, USA, and died 1736 in Goochland, VA, USA1. He married CATHERINE PARKER. She was born 1714 in VA, USA.


2. i. JEREMIAH PARKER2 RICH, b. 1729, Goochland, Virginia, USA; d. 17 Jan 1781, Wake, NC, USA.
ii. TIMOTHY RICH1, b. 1730, Goochland, Virginia, USA; d. 1806, Wake, NC, USA1.

iii. SARAH RICH, b. 1731, Goochland, Virginia, USA.

3. iv. NIMROD RICH, b. 1732, Goochland, Virginia, USA; d. 1782, Campbell, VA, USA.

v. WILLIAM RICH, b. 1733, Goochland, Virginia, USA.

Generation No. 2

2. JEREMIAH PARKER2 RICH (TIMOTHY1) was born 1729 in Goochland, Virginia, USA, and died 17 Jan 1781 in Wake, NC, USA. He married MARY HUNTER 24 Nov 1758 in Louisa, VA, USA, daughter of LIVING HUNTER and JANE PLEASANTS. She was born 1737 in Hanover, VA, USA, and died 28 Dec 1785.

Children of JEREMIAH RICH and MARY HUNTER are:

4. i. WILLIAM3 RICH, b. 1759, Goochland, Virginia, USA; d. 1832, Jackson, Tenn.

ii. SUSANNAH RICH, b. 1753, Wake, North Carolina, USA.

iii. CHARLES RICH, b. 1758, Wake, North Carolina, USA.

iv. CHARITY RICH, b. 1758, Wake, North Carolina, USA.

v. JESSE RICH, b. 24 Nov 1758, Goochland, Virginia, USA.

vi. JOHN RICH, b. 1761, Wake, North Carolina, USA.

vii. JUDITH RICH, b. 01 Jan 1761, Goochland, Virginia, USA.

viii. JACOB RICH, b. 1765, Wake, North Carolina, USA.

3. NIMROD2 RICH (TIMOTHY1)1,1,1 was born 1732 in Goochland, Virginia, USA, and died 1782 in Campbell, VA, USA1,1,1. He married MARY JOHNSON1 18 Sep 1751 in Dover Church, Goochland, VA, USA1. She was born 1736 in Virginia.

Children of NIMROD RICH and MARY JOHNSON are:

i. JUDEATH3 RICH1, b. 1770, VA, USA1; d. 05 May 1848, Raleigh, Rush, IN, USA1.

ii. WILLIAM RICH1, b. 17501; d. 1792, Cambell, VA, USA1.

iii. CHARLES RICH1, b. 27 May 1773, VA, USA1; d. 06 Jul 1856, Wilson, TN, USA1.

iv. NANCY RICH1, b. 1777, Henshaw, VA, USA1; d. 1860, NC, USA1.

v. BEN RICH1, b. 17791.

vi. WILLIAM RICH1, b. 17501; d. 1792, Cambell, VA, USA1.


Generation No. 3

4. WILLIAM3 RICH (JEREMIAH PARKER2, TIMOTHY1) was born 1759 in Goochland, Virginia, USA, and died 1832 in Jackson, Tenn. He married POLLY ELLEN HOOKER. She was born 1760, and died 1829 in Jackson, [county], TN, USA.

Children of WILLIAM RICH and POLLY HOOKER are:

5. i. JOHN4 RICH, b. 23 Sep 1788, Orange, Nc; d. 03 Jan 1845, TN, USA.



6. iv. JESSE RICH, b. 13 Sep 1782, NC, USA; d. 22 May 1860, TN, USA.



vii. JEREMIAH RICH, b. 1784.

viii. ROBERT RICH, b. 1785.

Generation No. 4

5. JOHN4 RICH (WILLIAM3, JEREMIAH PARKER2, TIMOTHY1) was born 23 Sep 1788 in Orange, Nc, and died 03 Jan 1845 in TN, USA. He married CATHERINE PILE, daughter of CONRAD PILE and MARY PILE. She was born 07 Feb 1788 in Orange, Nc, and died 10 Apr 1878 in TN, USA.

More About JOHN RICH:
Marriage: Abt. 1809

Children of JOHN RICH and CATHERINE PILE are:

i. THOMAS5 RICH1, b. 03 Mar 1811, Overton, Tennessee; d. Aft. 1866; m. ANNA YOUNG; b. 1815, Tenn; d. Aft. 1866.

Marriage: 1834, Harrison Co, Ind

ii. WILLIAM RICH, b. 23 Dec 1812.

iii. MARGARET RICH, b. 06 Apr 1823, Fentress Co, Tennessee; d. 23 Feb 1895, Hancock, KY, USA.

6. JESSE4 RICH (WILLIAM3, JEREMIAH PARKER2, TIMOTHY1) was born 13 Sep 1782 in NC, USA, and died 22 May 1860 in TN, USA. He married ELIZABETH SAVAGE. She was born 15 Jun 1783 in NC, USA, and died 16 May 1866 in Clay.


Dorothy Elizabeth Wood Rich

Dorothy Elizabeth Wood Rich
Dorothy was born on 4 Feb 1910 in Michigan. She married John Calvin Rich. She died on 12 Dec 1993 in Orange, California.

They had the following children:

John Calvin Rich
Ronald Rich
Lorraine Rich
Irene Rich
Norma Arlene Rich

John Calvin Rich

John Calvin Rich

John was born on 25 October 1896 in Overton, Tennessee.
John's mother died when he was only 2 years old. His father was killed in a rail road accident in 1926. John moved to Detroit and is found in the Grand Traverse 1920 Census as a boarder of Andrew C. Dauchy. He went to work at the Ford Motor Company, but found work as a garage mechanic. This is where he met Dorothy Elizabeth Wood. He married Dorothy in Detroit, and they moved to Santa Ana, California prior to 1940. He died on 29 March 1976 in Orange, California.

1900 Overton, Tennessee Census

1920 Traverse County, Michigan Census

1930 Wayne County, Michigan Census